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Ventilation Fans for Industrial and HVAC Commercial Applications

Heavy Duty Industrial Fan Installation

Welcome to Aerovent Australia's web site. Aerovent is a privately and entirely Australian owned company servicing the Australian, New Zealand and Southeast Asian ventilation markets. We manufacture and supply high quality heavy-duty industrial centrifugal and axial flow fans. In addition, we produce a comprehensive range of HVAC commercial fans and general air movement equipment.

On-site Industrial Fan Commissioning
Large DWDI Centrifugal Fan Ready For Despatch

Dependable, reproducible fan data
Aerovent understands that fans and air movement equipment are often critical to the operatation of buildings, plants and processes. Utilising specialised programs such as in-house Finite Element Analysis and proprietary fan selection software ensures that we offer a fully engineered solution with solid technological foundation...a claim very few can genuinely make.

Industrial Acoustic Silencer Products
Industrial Fan With Split Housing

Experience counts
Aerovent boasts some of the most experianced technical and sales staff in its region. So, whether you require large heavy-duty fans for an industrial process or fans for a building services application you can be sure that you, the customer, can speak to someone that knows how to select and design the best fan for your application. When reputations are at stake, why risk it?

Industrial Fan With Inlet Filter Box & Silencer

Support Australian
Understanding that a 'one-size fits all' philosophy often results in a compromised solution, Aerovent is the only company that designs, engineers and can boast full fabrication facilities in the HVAC commercial and industrial fan markets. This end-to-end capability allows flexibility to produce custom design products to suit your application. Support Autralian manufacturing, support Aerovent.

Company News

New Pearl Series In-line Mixed Flow Fans
Recently released by Aerovent Australia, these fans offer exceptional noise levels for demanding applications. Read more

New Pearl Series In-line Mixed Flow Fans
Aerovent Australia is pleased to release the latest member of the team. Read more


Aerovent's new Fan Finder selection program makes selecting the right fan easy. Click here to start

Fan Finder now features additional airflow allowance

Vpro saves 10dB! I'd like to hear that

Designers of modern buildings need a product they can rely on - it needs to be quiet and it needs to be efficient. Read more

Get serious about fan testing

Get serious about fan testing

We can now undertake full speed performance testing up to
250kW……. Seriously!

Aerovent Australia


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