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Pearl Series

In-line Mixed Flow

In-line Mixed Flow

Common Applications
The Pearl Series in-line mixed flow fans can be mounted in any position. Due to their compact size and powerful, low noise performance, they are the ideal solution for apartments, town houses and other applications where space is limited.

Special Features
The special casing design allows for easy removal of the motor and impeller without disturbing the connecting ductwork.
All sizes are 2-speed and supplied with integral Hi/Lo speed switch. 2-pin plug fitted as standard.
Can be supplied in series or parallel configuration as an option.

Available in 240V single phase only.

Motors incorporate ball bearings for long service life.
Casing made from impact and corrosion proof ABS plastic or polypropylene of low flammability.

IPX4 with internal overload protection.

Warranty may be void if wiring and installation guidelines are not followed.


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