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Our experienced staff will keep your plant running, even if you don't have "Aerovent Australia" fans and blowers installed. Aerovent Australia provide maintenance, repairs, spare parts and service work to most makes and models of fans and blowers.

Australia has many high profile clients who prefer our services to rebuild existing fans wherever practical, achieving a more economical option than replacing worn out equipment.

Ask us to tailor a maintenance program for your company.

Aerovent Router CNC precision routing (soft metals, graphite, plastics etc.)

Performance Test Facility
A 200kW centrifugal fan underwent full performance testing at our in-house facility in September 2010!

Aerovent Australia's in-house test rigs have been providing full fan performance testing capability to AS2936-1987 SAA Fan Test Code / ISO 5801-2004 for over 10 years. Recent upgrades to our power supply mean that we can now undertake full speed performance testing up to 250kW.

Finite Element Analysis used by Aerovent Finite Element Analysis

Mechanical Test Run Facility
We are now pleased to announce that our power has been upgraded and a variable frequency drive is now installed which will increase our in-house test facility capacity to an impressive full load 250kW (and even higher kW at partial speeds).

CNC high definition plasma cutting used by Aerovent CNC high definition plasma cutting (carbon and stainless steel, high nickel alloy etc.)

In search of the most suitable solution to each of our clients' demanding operational environments, Aerovent Australia is in the forefront of industry in utilising the latest technology and equipment.

Company News

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New Pearl Series In-line Mixed Flow Fans
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Aerovent's new Fan Finder selection program makes selecting the right fan easy. Click here to start

Fan Finder now features additional airflow allowance

Vpro saves 10dB! I'd like to hear that

Designers of modern buildings need a product they can rely on - it needs to be quiet and it needs to be efficient. Read more

Get serious about fan testing

Get serious about fan testing

We can now undertake full speed performance testing up to
250kW……. Seriously!

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